Elevated Edge Posing 

Whether you call it “star power”, “the x-factor”, or simply “It”, stage presence can be hard to describe – but easy to spot. Stage presence refers to the certain charisma and charm that a competitor possesses that draws in an audience and commands their full attention. But does stage presence really matter? And how can you improve it?

Does it Matter?

Stage presence can, quite simply, be a defining factor in a competitor’s success. Of course, it’s not everything; a competitor can still be successful with an amazing physique. However, when combined with skill, experience and hard work, stage presence and proper posing can create a combination that turns “good” competitors into formidable athletes.

Stage presence is more than the ability to hit your mark, and smile. Essentially, a good stage presence pulls the audience and the judges into the performance. It’s the ability to make the audience and the judges connect with the competitor offering a memorable experience for all.


How Can You Improve It?

  • Relax! Coming across as stiff or robotic makes you seem unnatural and forced, making it more difficult for the audience and judges to find your performance remarkable.
  • Practice. The more comfortable you feel on stage, the better you will be able to truly get into the mindset.  This comfort level can only come with feeling completely confident in your ability to nail every pose, hit every transition, and know your routine inside and out. To reach this level, of course, requires as much practice as possible. Become as comfortable as possible with not only every element of your routine, but with simply performing in front of an audience as well.