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When faced with adversity, some people are going to cave under the pressure and self-destruct. Others are going to face the challenge head on and use it as a stepping stone for a better life. Making tragedy a building block is exactly how Crystal Woods reacted after being kidnapped by her father as a young girl and enduring a childhood of abuse. Crystal shares the memories of a tragic childhood that has become the fuel necessary to achieve a healthy life and relationships in her memoir, A Child’s Not So Sweet Life.

Crystal’s story will touch you. The strength and resilience that she possesses is evident not only in her spirit, but in her body as well. A champion bodybuilder, personal trainer, stage coach, judge and athlete, Crystal has overcome a life dominated by adversity. Her example and her spirit will inspire you to take stock of your life and move forward, regardless of the impediments in front of you.

Expected release date of A Child’s Not So Sweet Life is Spring 2019.  Return here for details about the launch or visit for more information and availability.