Crystal Woods is an author, personal trainer, pro fitness athlete, child abuse advocate, and passionate public speaker whose experience, wisdom and story impacts lives and inspires positive changes for those who engage with her. If you have an organization or conference looking for a dynamic speaker whose story leaves an impact, use the form below to contact her today

Crystal’s most requested speaking topics

How can you say that?

Crystal Woods turned a childhood kidnapping and constant abuse into fuel for an adulthood of health in body, mind and spirit. She shares her experiences and the process she walked through to summon the courage to share her story with others. If you have an audience looking to discover the courage to overcome trauma and share their own narratives, Crystal’s story will surely inspire them to achieve a life of health and freedom.


Hungry for Success? Take a bite of Forgiveness

The biggest obstacles to getting more out of life can be things like shame, guilt, self- doubt/loathing, and a whole host of other negative emotions that can often manifest from a painful event or trauma. Truth is, there is a magic bullet to end a life of despair, distrust and pain, which happens to be the practice of forgiveness. Crystal shares examples of how forgiveness has been a key factor is achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle after a childhood filled with trauma and abuse.  If progress and growth elude you, Crystal shares suggestions on how to make forgiveness achievable, so both can be yours.

Swinging on a Silver Thread

Tragedy can seem overwhelming like a thundercloud hovering over you. There is, however, light in every cloud if you search for it. Crystal shares how to find the sometimes-elusive silver lining in the face of tragedy that fuels her success. This practice contributes to her resilience and strength that inspires her to overcome adversity and achieve health in physical and emotional forms.

Trust is a Four Letter Word

Trusting anyone, especially yourself, after being victimized can be summed up by one four letter word: HARD! Regaining trust is difficult in the face of overcoming, but it is vital to living a life filled with freedom, health and peace. Crystal shares how she learned to trust again and how to navigate trust when her intuition throws up the yellow flag.

Finding Your Fit

Adversity can shadow your personality and health so much that they remain hidden. Crystal shares how the darkest of tragedies couldn’t keep her from finding out who she is meant to be. She will share how to uncover the “you” before the tragedy and how fitness can be used as a catalyst to your true identity and fitness of body, mind and spirit.

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