Weight training is the core focus of most client programming, with exception of sport specific, endurance, and those in physical therapy. Programming considerations include experience, progression and goals.  Training is based on a daily undulating periodization incorporating different modalities such as bodybuilding for hypertrophy and powerlifting for strength.


Choose either nutrition only or training & nutrition

 Team Synergy prepares each client based on their individual need in order to maximize muscle retention and optimize fat loss. All too often typical plans compromise the health and mental well being of a client. Team Synergy basis its programs on science and is backed with experience to have you the client at your best.


Choose either nutrition only or training & nutrition

 Contrary to popular belief off season is not a time for unbridled eating, this is a time to maximize your nutrition to promote muscle growth, increase your metabolic rate, and keep body fat within healthy ranges of your goals. Team Synergy can provide you with an individual plan that keeps you focused and holds you accountable.


 All nutrition is based on flexible dieting, also known as IIFYM. What is IIFYM, it is NOT a diet, it is a long term sustainable way to achieve your goals while creating a healthy lifestyle. With flexible dieting you will receive daily recommended protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake, but YOU choose the  foods that satiate and satisfy your palate.


 We also work with clients ( non-competitors) of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life interested in weight loss and improving their physical health, now and for the future, providing quality of life in the years to come. Programming is based on the same science, but geared to non- athletes and are considerably less rigorous.



All services are available on line, whether your new to fitness and looking to simply get healthy, a new competitor anxious to get on stage, or a seasoned athlete we can help you achieve your goals.


Quarter Turn: Learn the art of posing and stage presence, perfecting a pose is a true art that’s takes dedication, tedious repetition, and time. The reward behind mastering your craft is success on stage.